Frank Kernohan
Based in Northern Ireland and with more than 25 years producing film, photographic and computer-based presentation material for a wide range of commercial clients, I can provide effective solutions for your business.

I use BBC approved Canon and Nikon camera equipment and have full professional editing facilities to create HD quality finished work.

CAA “Permission for Aerial Work” enables me to combine aerial and ground level footage and images giving my clients the best and most versatile options.

I aim to deliver my client’s brief, in time and within budget.
Please call me for a chat to find out more.


CAA approval requires me to:

  • carry out a pre flight site survey
  • complete a risk assessment
  • check airport notifications
  • monitor weather conditions
  • maintain flight and maintenance logs
  • fly within the CAA restrictions
    – up to 400ft
    – within 500m and within line of sight
    – no nearer than 50m of people, vehicles and buildings (unless in my control)

This may seem overly fussy BUT an unmanned aircraft (even a small one) has the capability to cause a major incident!

Following these rules and having CAA permission means I can operate safely and with full public liability insurance, giving my clients complete peace of mind . . .
as well as stunning aerial footage and images.


Whether film footage, a 360° panoramic or aerial photography for a full corporate video or film / images for a presentation or website, the key is planning.

This may take the form of scripting a narrative, visualising a scene or “thinking outside the box” for that special creative edge.

As each project is different it will be priced individually and I will work to your budget.

If you think you might have a need for any of my services please call me or drop me a message using the contact page.


Anyone flying drones for commercial work must be licensed by the CAA and if they are not they will not have public liability insurance.