Corporate Image - privacy

Corporate Image has CAA Permission for Commercial Work (PfCO) using Small Unmanned Aircraft (SUA) License No.3610

The SUA currently used is a DJI Phantom 3 Professional. Its camera capabilities are:

12MP still image
4K video recording

The lens used for this is 20mm with a Field of View (FOV) of 94° (35mm format equivalent). There is no zoom capability with this lens and no audio is recorded by the camera.

The view from this lens is wide-angle and is not designed to record close-up detail. There would be however some ability to use a graphical viewer to zoom in to the image post production due to the clarity of the lens.

Privacy Implications

Corporate Image Privacy Policy (to comply with the Information Commissioner’s Office recommendations) is to:

  • only record material relevant to the client
  • remove, copy from and then format the on-board micro SD card after each operation
  • store all recordings / images on the Corporate Image internal editing suite only
  • wherever possible edit recordings / images to remove extraneous material not relevant to the client
  • aim to avoid any focus on / identification of any 3rd parties
  • if requested blur or shade any identifying information (i.e. face / number plate) should it be obvious
  • where appropriate provide signage indicating aerial work taking place at the Area of Operation

Recordings will only be made / images only be taken where relevant to the client’s requirements. At all other times during the operation no film or image recording will be undertaken where there may be possible privacy implications.