Corporate Image - planning
Clients are understandably looking for the very best images and film footage for their business. A commercial drone pilot must balance this with the legal requirement to fly safely and within CAA regulations. This requires planning.

Planning Procedures

All Corporate Image aerial work is regulated by the CAA. Complying with these regulations is not only a legal requirement but also enables full insurance and public liability cover giving peace of mind for both customers and the public alike.

To enable proper planning Corporate Image requires:

  • a brief of the proposed project
  • the location
  • the date

Each project is unique and is planned individually with:

  • a site survey to determine the feasibility of the operation, obstacles and potential hazards
  • a risk assessment calculation based on the product of probability and potential severity using a Risk Assessment Matrix
  • landowner permissions where appropriate
  • brief and debrief for those involved

Legal flight restrictions include:

  • not flying within 50 metres of people, vehicles or buildings (unless they are within the control of the pilot)
  • not flying within 1km of airports (unless authorised)
  • not flying at night

Weather (rain and wind speed) are also factors that must be taken into consideration. Corporate Image will always endeavour to be as flexible as possible in choosing a suitable date for the project and this may have to change at short notice if weather conditions dictate.